About Hydi Dixon

Hydi Dixon has an impressive history in the golfing profession. Growing up with golf as a New Jersey native, her talents as a player earned her hometown championship titles (New Jersey State Metropolitan Championship & Navesink Country Club

Champion), but her passion lies in the instruction of the sport.
Hydi has amassed a strong 15+ year history in the sport and is currently under the apprenticeship of the PGA Teaching Program. As an instructor, the many club affiliations include:
She has also spent time instructing for the Jane Blalock Corporation.

Now, as an independent instructor for several years, Hydi wishes to share her enthusiasm for the sport of golf and always creates a fun, positive learning environment, tailoring the lesson to the individual.



Interlock grip. Both V's are going up right side of arm . Aiming towards your right armpit and right arm.

Downswing: Notice the head staying still. Weight off the right foot is being transferred to the left. Right elbow is staying close to the body. Left arm is straight. All the weight is going forward.

BACK SWING: Noticed the weight transfers from LEFT to RIGHT leg. Shoulders are square to the ball.

FOLLOW THROUGH: Head stays still. Follow though, right arm is extended to target. Weight is going onto the left foot.

Notice the club head square to the target. (Parallel) Shoulders are in line with the ball at take away. Left leg is going towards right knee. Right leg is supporting weight from left side.

Knock down shot. Weight on left side. Shoulders are square to the ball and target. Ball is places in the back right instep.